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Our brand new LTE (Long Term Evolution = extra fast!) service connects you to fast simple internet using simple mobile technology rather than complicated cables. This means your path to the Internet is straight from your router to your nearest LTE tower (on Rain’s fast expanding network). No Telkom, no cables, no contracts. Its as simple as that!

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R 299 p/m Alto Rain LTE-A 25GB
R 549 p/m Alto Rain LTE-A 55GB
R 799 p/m Alto Rain LTE-A 85GB
R 999 p/m Alto Rain LTE-A 120GB
R 1349 p/m Alto Rain LTE-A 220GB
R 1599 p/m Alto Rain LTE-A 330GB
LTE-A Coverage

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About LTE-A

LTE-A (Long-Term Evolution Advanced) is a reliable wireless Internet service which delivers true 4G speeds that are 2 - 3 times faster than regular LTE.
This will depend on your area but typically we see between 30 and 50Mbs download speeds.
At Alto Africa we are passionate about assisting SME’s in growing their businesses and making them more efficient. LTE is the first step in being able to utilize all the benefits of cloud computing that Alto Africa has to offer.
Rain is being rolled out aggresively and the network is expanding on a daily basis across South Africa. IF you are not already covered then please leave us your details and we will update you when you are covered.